Pictures of Ninilchik and its Russian speakers

a Ninilchik sign


Louie Kvasnikoff, Dec. 25, 2011


Joe and Selma Oskolkoff Leman


Nick Cooper




Linguists Mira Bergelson and Andrej Kibrik of Moscow, and Wayne Leman of Ninilchik

Paul Oskolkoff

Wayne Leman, Paul Oskolkoff; background: Andrej Kibrik, Mira Bergelson


Conor Daly, an Irish linguist who studied 

Ninilchik Russian in the 1980s


Evgeny Golovko, linguist from St. Petersburg, 

Russia, who studied Ninilchik Russian in 2009


Walter Jackinsky


Nadia Oskolkoff


Fr. Simeon Oskolkoff Jr. 


Leo Steik


Sophie Prosser and her cousin Nick Leman


Fedora Kvasnikoff Oskolkoff Encelewski and Joe Oskolkoff


young Sandra Kelly


Father Mike Oskolkoff


Grassim Oskolkoff



Larry Oskolkoff Sr.


Arnie Oskolkoff


Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord

an old village house

Ninilchik has had many musicians, including

young Margaret (Jackie) and Cora Jackinsky.


Ninilchik clam diggers, Bill Kvasnikoff, Joe Leman, Isaac Cooper, Alex Oskolkoff


Fishing is a way of life in Ninilchik

Nick Leman was one of the fishermen.


balik (smoked salmon), a favorite Ninilchik food